Rafiq likes to make bratty faces.

After we returned from our road trip, Rafiq and Nirmal took me to their usual place for haircuts. On the outside it said it was a unisex salon, but on the inside — apart from a large poster of a woman with long hair — it looked like it was for men only. No matter, I always keep mine short anyway.

While Rafiq was getting his cut, I drew a picture of how I wanted my bangs and got *exactly* what I asked for, unlike the hair cutting place back home which usually saws them off too short and straight across. I don’t know what it cost because Nirmal and Rafiq don’t let me pay for anything when I’m with them, but I know it was a fraction of what I usually pay. This was also when I began having massages that cost a fraction of what I used to pay. I love Udaipur!


4 thoughts on “Haircuts

  1. As you now know, I’m a staunch fan of the short haircut – your Udaipur style was an inspiration. Good to know I’ll be looked after well at the hairdresser when I finally get there!

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