Kite Flying Day

June 22 was Nirjala Ekadashi (Kite Flying Day) in Udaipur. It has something to do with the Hindu religion, except not really. Nirmal explained it to me, but all I remember is that it’s an annual observance having to do with kite flying, and it goes by the Hindu calendar, so it doesn’t fall on June 22 every year. If you’re curious, check this link.

Udaipur Kite Flying Day 2013

Kite Flying Day Udaipur 2 - 2013

Kite flying is not just for kids in Udaipur. Even the big guys have fun with it.

As usual, we were on the rooftop of the Island Tower Hotel. This was the first evening that Rafiq pointed out to me a swarm of bats sailing into the sky from various roosting spots in the Naga Nagri neighborhood. Most of the time I’d gotten to the rooftop after dark, long after the bats were gone, so I’d never seen them before. Unfortunately, they were so far away that the camera couldn’t figure out what I was trying to focus on, so I couldn’t get any good pictures.

Kite Flying Day Udaipur 3 - 2013

Over the rooftops of the old city, both kites and bats drifted in the cotton candy sky.


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