Third Time’s a Charm

Last November I bemoaned the fact that I had been to Udaipur twice and still had not visited the famous Jagdish Temple. I’ve now rectified  that.


The mobility impaired will be grateful to know that there’s a rear entrance of only ten steps, much easier to contemplate than the front staircase. That’s where Rafiq took me. He’s always looking out for my best interests!

The temple interior was much smaller than I’d imagined. Rafiq took me inside. It’s a busy place of worship, and it was crammed full of people. We were there just in time for some very intense and loud singing, chanting and ringing of bells. Rafiq said many visitors find it overwhelming and need to leave, but I sucked it up and stayed.


Nirmal doesn’t go to temple, and Pushker had been busy when Rafiq and I left to go there. During the chanting, someone touched my arm. It was Pushker! He had finished his morning obligations and had come to pray, practically at the same moment we arrived.

There’s no photography allowed inside the temple, but it’s rather plain. The exterior, however, is beautifully embellished and worth spending a lot of time examining.


The architects and artists who created this
were masters of organization and detail.





At this spot, if you make a wish and touch your head to the temple,
it’s supposed to come true.



Ladies, how many guys do you know who’ll carry your handbag?
I didn’t even ask him to! What a sweetheart!!


4 thoughts on “Third Time’s a Charm

  1. 1. The detail on the exterior is simply boggling.
    2. I love the picture of you making your wish.
    3. I also love the picture of the man with his hand up.
    4. Rafiq rocks!!!

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