Chocolate Facial


The day before I was to return to the States was a foodie sort of day. We had kichiri for lunch at the Island Tower. Kichiri is made with broken rice, which is less expensive. It has a good amount of haldi (turmeric), which you can see by the bright yellow color, a little cayenne and some bay leaves. There were also a little bit of diced vegetables, whatever was handy. We had had kichiri for lunch many times. It was tasty and fast to make with the pressure cooker.


Rafiq, me, Pushker and Nirmal. Behind us are Popsa, the Island Tower
cook, and Chotu, the errand runner.

In the evening the guys threw a little party for me, which included a chocolate cake! What a lovely surprise!


Love professed on a chocolate cake from Rafiq, Nirmal and Pushker. Having downed a cosmopolitan or two, I’m lucky I remembered to stop and snap a photo before I cut it!


Aw, how cute! They’re feeding it to me!


Pushker is really into this!


Dinner is served! Daal, rice, chapatti, carrots and chutney.


Last, but not least, tandoori chicken.

We — or rather I — had had only a little cake before dinner, just enough for the photos. After polishing off the daal, chapatti and chicken, the cake was brought back to the table…


and Nirmal proceeded to smear my face with chocolate frosting! Funny, but a waste of good frosting, if you ask me.


This photo is typical of how we are together:  laughing, crazy and most of all, enjoying being together.



We enjoyed ourselves immensely, but there was underneath it all a small twinge of sadness, knowing that the next day I would be leaving.


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