We Went Nowhere, and We Did Nothing!

I’ve been back for several weeks from visiting Udaipur in February. (And the loathesome Washington DC winter was waiting for me when I got back.)

This time around, I was having some physical problems I thought could be treated by massage. Because it limited my ability to get around, I had to ask Nirmal to cancel the road trip he had planned for Gujarat so I could have massages several times a week. We went nowhere, and we didn’t do much of anything most days.

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Even so, doing nothing in Udaipur is preferable to doing it elsewhere. It’s extremely hard to get tired of looking at it.

Before I arrived, Pushker and Rafiq had mentioned many times on Skype that this had been a terrible tourist season. There were fewer visitors than usual, and they hardly got any work. Wouldn’t you know it, from the day I arrived until the day I left, they had clients!  Good for them, but it meant I had to wait until the end of most days to see them.



Still, lolling around all day with Nirmal in the faintly warm weather and missing all the snow and ice of DC for three weeks was pretty sweet.


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