I’m one of many average people who enjoys traveling, photography and sharing my experiences. I enjoy and prefer solo travel, even though I am in my sixties.


I spent my 60th birthday with friends in Himachal Pradesh.

For the first several trips of my traveling experience, I didn’t keep a travel journal. I thought my photographs would be enough. It doesn’t take long before the details slip away forever. Sometimes I couldn’t even remember the exact location of some of my earlier photos. Even now, with digital photography enabling me to affordably take thousands of photos per trip, photos can only capture what you see, not what you felt, smelled or said.

To retain as much as possible so I’ll be able to relive my trips in the inevitable later years when I’m no longer able to travel, I journal extensively and blog to showcase the highlights. Now that the digital age has made publishing a reality, my journals have become full fledged e-books, a further motive for detailed journaling on upcoming travels.

This blog begins by chronicling my first trip to India in March 2011. I visited the usual tourist sites in Rajasthan and a few in Uttar Pradesh. India is such a vast country and I had such a wonderful introduction that one trip wasn’t nearly enough. In November 2012, I returned with a ten-year visa and an insatiable appetite for the cultural and visual richness of India. I also returned to build on the wonderful friendships I made on that first trip. June 2013 and February 2014 were trips purely for spending time with my friends in Udaipur.

Below are links to my other travel/adventure experiences:

A Handful of Memories – Stories and photos from Togo, West Africa, when I was a Peace Corps Volunteer and lived in a village without running water or electricity for two years (1996-98). The full e-book version, Bread From the Sky,  is available on Amazon.

The Road to Veracruz – Two weeks in Veracruz on the Gulf Coast of Mexico in 2008.  Covers time spent at a Spanish immersion school and day trips to nearby towns.

Travels in Ghana – Three weeks touring Ghana by car in 2009. From Accra to Sirigu and many adventures in between. The full story is available as an e-book on Amazon.

Travels in India – The complete story of my first trip to India in March 2011. I spent one month touring Rajasthan by car and made friendships that would change my life.

India As You Like – I returned to India in November 2012 to visit friends I had made the year before. I celebrated Diwali in a mountain village with a friend and his family in Himachal Pradesh, attend two weddings and return to Udaipur, the beautiful and romantic lake city that has bewitched me.