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Overnight Stay at Ranakpur

I'll never know what this sign by the roadside is about.

The next day we left Jodhpur and headed for Ranakpur, a mountain village where there was a Jain temple we were going to visit. We would stay at Ranakpur overnight.

Just before we pulled into the resort hotel, a camel in its best duds crossed our path.

No matter how many pictures I took, there was always something I missed. I didn’t take enough of Hotel Roopam, the paradise of a garden resort where we stayed.

The two story dining area.

We had to pass through the lovely dining hall to get to my room.

The room was spacious, and the wet room* was huge.  We stayed only long enough for Prem to be satisfied that I was happy with the place, then we headed for the Ranakpur temple.


*A wet room is a bathroom with no tub. The shower area is not separated from the toilet and wash basin by a wall,  shower curtain or enclosure of any kind. It’s completely open. They are common in tropical climates.

Hotel Roopam had a designated bird feeding area where clusters of ringneck and plumhead parakeets gathered.